Clint + Aurora | Warsaw, In

I am so excited to share this photo session that Jeff and I did with Clint and Aurora in Warsaw at the old Gatke Building. This building is actually a vacant building every since I can remember.  It's really sad to think that someone's dad, brother, mom or family member use to work there and provide a living for their family and now it's just an eye sore and deemed unsafe. Once in a while I would see a timecard or an old piece of a break pad that I'm sure was manufactured there at one time.. anyways, it works out great for Senior guys and some other photo session to give your images a cityscape vibe! 

I have known Clint since he was a young boy in school with my son and have always considered him one of my kids since we have him join us for many family birthday get-together's and holidays! We first met Aurora a couple years ago while watching a comedian at the Tippy Creek Winery.. we loved her!! She is a sweetheart and I can tell they are good for one another! So i'm going to tell ya about my three favorite things about this session:

1) Clint bought Aurora this cute little black flowered dress on their first date!! Yes!! What a romantic guy he is.. I was in awww just seeing the smile on Aurora's face as she was telling me the story.

My second favorite thing is the art work with all their tattoo's!! Wow, coming from someone (myself) who has no tattoo's at all plus I'm a big scaredy cat of needles .. I was impressed with all the details of the art work! Pretty amazing and loving all the colors!

and my last favorite thing was the connection and laughter these two share ~ they were such a joy to be around and I'm hoping I get a chance to photograph them again in the future!