Having a second shooter makes a world of difference..

There is so many reasons why you need a second shooter..

– Telling me EVERY HOUR where I last left my bag, my car keys, my lens, my spare camera, my reflector, my flash, my extra battery….my glasses .. Seriously. On a wedding day, my thoughts are running a million miles per hour, and Jeff collects me as he runs alongside me.

– Holding my video light for the entirety of the first dance, and a few songs afterwards.

_ Gets the family members all positioned in just the right spots

_ Getting everyone to laugh and loosen up!!

– Shooting the reception details while I’m shooting family formals because we’re on a time crunch.

– Taking shots of the small, otherwise-unnoticed details of the day like kids running around and playing together, parents of the bride dancing, reactions from guests during toasts.

– Being a model when I’m setting up my camera settings!!! YES!! (he's the best model ever)

– Chatting with guests who just need a friend or a listening ear

– Being a friend, a confidant, my night time driver, someone to keep me awake on the long car rides back, someone to bounce ideas and dreams off of, someone to keep me excited on hour 8 of a long wedding day, someone who always answers with a smile and can give me a concrete yes or no when I’m being indecisive about something.

As the 2019 shooting season begins to wind down, I’ve started to reflect on all the sessions and weddings I had the amazing opportunity to capture. I’ve started to think about what worked and what didn’t work, and how I can make next year even better.

Our prices include a second shooter which is my adorable hubby and we love being able to spend the day together as we capture your special day!!

All these images were taken by my second Shooter, my handsome husband Jeff Mellott

Introducing my second shooter and love of my life..

Every time I hear you say I love you, my life feels complete. Every time you hold my hand and kiss me, I feel like the luckiest woman on Earth! You love me with my flaws and let me be me.. thank you for all you do and for going on this adventure with me, you're the love of my life!