Just getting engaged? Then this is for YOU!!

Bridesmaid Trends that are BIG for 2021!!

There’s something about bringing in a new year that brings a sense of excitement and anticipation.. this is especially true if your wedding plans were altered last year because of COVID-19. As the new year begins, so does a new round of wedding trends–everything from wedding dresses to florals to color palettes. If you’re including a bridal party in your wedding, bridesmaid dress trends should be at the top of your mind.

This year is going to be all about luxe fabrics, prints, and a wide variety of beautiful dresses plus jumpsuits! Depending on your wedding style and colors, choosing the right bridesmaid dresses will help tie your special day together for a beautiful look!!

First lets start with Hues of Green

As we see pastels like blush fade, pastel green is going to become big for those that still want the soft, delicate look. For spring and summer, opt for moss green or sage. If you still like the idea of having blush or pale pink on your special day, using it as an accent with the pastel green will make your wedding a springtime fairytale.

Once we shift into fall and winter, choose darker, richer greens such as emerald or olive

Hues of Blue

Light blue will also be a welcomed change of pace from the pastel pinks and golds. Don’t think baby blue, but rather a dusty blue. You may also see this referred to as slate blue. This shade is beautiful for summer or oceanside weddings. In the fall and winter, if you want to darken the color palette, look for navy or midnight blue. This deep shade looks stunning in velvet fabrics.


If you’ve been following the latest trends for a while, then you may already know that the terracotta color palette is already a hot trend. This earthy palette has replaced blushes and golds for couples looking for a more natural feel. When shopping, think about the colors like dark orange, rust, cinnamon, etc. The best parts? Because of the brown undertones, these colors look good on every skin tone and they’re extremely easy to mix and match. I have not actually had a wedding with this color just yet but keeping my fingers crossed for one in the near future!!


This is another trend that we have already begun to see pop up, and it’s going to be extremely popular this spring and summer. Bring out your personality and add a bit of whimsy to your wedding with prints. Florals are idyllic for a romantic spring affair, but you can also choose prints for the groomsmen's ties for a more modern approach.

Now that you’re in the know about 2021’s upcoming trends, make sure your wedding party looks chic while you’re mix-and-matching them. We know these trends might not be for everyone, so if these 2021 options left you wanting more, check out my website for great wedding idea's!! www.reneemellott.com