Let them be little | How to make sure you get cute kid pics on your wedding day

How to get the perfect flower girl and ring bearer pictures!!

Listen up brides to be ~ if you have decided to have little kids in your wedding as flower girls and ring bearers ~ this is info you need to know. We usually start taking pictures waaaayy before the ceremony. Like 3 or 4 hours before your ceremony... so asking kids to be ready and stay looking "clean and put together" is almost impossible and trust me, they will be miserable!! There is no need to have them there that early. The day will go much more smoothly for them and you if we get a few images right before the ceremony or even after. Their attention span is like 5 to 10 minutes so if we can make it happen right before the wedding or right after the ceremony then we are ALL much better off. They are adorable and each child will do their own thing, so just be prepared and ready for some pure cuteness!!

The thing is, they’re kids you guys.

Would you rather have adorable pictures of silly little giggles and Eskimo kisses or exhausted forced smiles bribed with candy and might end up with a lot of tears?? I’ll take the former, but it requires two big things :

Parents just calm down for a hot minute and let their kids be kids and second, lets do them either right before of after the ceremony. I promise this will bring the best out of them!