Wedding Planning Tips

Here are some wedding planning tips for the newly engaged. For most of the couples I meet this is their first time getting married. Me on the other hand, I have attended and been the wedding photographer at plenty of weddings. This gives me the wisdom and knowledge for some practical and maybe insightful tips for brides and grooms on their wedding day. 


Wear comfortable shoes!! Number 1 rule. You will be standing for majority of the day, talking and mingling with guests. During wedding photos there will be lots of walking. Walk over there, walk back to me, walk this way. Then you’ll hit the d-floor all night. PS no one even sees your shoes or cares about your shoes. The comfier the better.


Whether you’re a list person or not, make lists of all the jobs that need doing for the wedding. Short term jobs, long term jobs, tomorrows jobs etc. Check them off as you go. Make a list the night before your wedding so you get everything out of your head. This will help you sleep so you’re not thinking of what needs to be done. 


Even the control freaks need to delegate tasks sometimes. People want to help. Family and friends are honored if you ask for help. Take the stress out of all the planning and share the load.  


DIY weddings are great and can save you a lot of money. Just make sure you understand the time, effort and maybe stress involved in doing things yourself. If you are choosing vendors for your wedding. Choose wisely. Meet with the vendors and make sure you are 100% happy with them as a person and as a business. As a wedding vendor and I can speak for the other great wedding vendors I have worked with. We put our heart and soul into our work at each and every wedding. We take huge pride and we want to provide you with a relaxed and stress free wedding day. Your vendors should make you feel at ease and you need to trust us that the day will run itself. 

Everyone wants the perfect wedding day with the best lineup of vendors. As above, decide what is important to you and then contact those important vendors first to check for available dates. Maybe have a couple of dates in mind and then based on other available vendors choose from there. I’ve had a soon to be bride change her date just so that I could be her wedding photographer…..I was EXTREMELY FLATTERED. I am a bit bias (okay a lot bias) but your wedding photos are what you keep from the day. Wedding vendors are booking out 18 months and more in advance. Don’t dilly dally.  


 Prepare your timeline with your photographer before setting it in stone. Your photographer is your secret time keeper for the day. They can help you plan out the whole day time wise. Basically start from the time of your ceremony and then work backwards from there to know what times you need to be ready etc. Add in buffer time just in case! I go over a timeline with every bride and groom so we are all on the same page and help make the day run smoothly!!

Enjoy the planning process!!

Enjoy the planning process. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Your wedding day comes around very quickly and next thing you know you’ve been married for 7 years with two kids… As long as there’s yummy food, great music, and all your fav friends and fam there, you’re bound to have a blast. Don’t forget the photographer to document the day and provide you with everlasting memories you’re going to love now and love even more in years to come!